52 Weeks ~ Family (49/52) and Fire (51/52)

RSiegel_Week49 - Cohen Menorah

RSiegel_Week51 - Wind and wick

I wanted to write
about the great grandmother
who bought the menorah
(in Poland perhaps?)
whose face I never knew
about the grandmother
who loved us with a wide heart
and kept the menorah hidden
among other silvery things
in the china cabinet
so we never saw it there
about the mother
who, when cleaning out
her parents’ home,
claimed the menorah,
to keep it in the family
about the daughter
who feels the reverberations
of generations in the
solidness of it,
though has no memory of it
about the grand daughter
who places the candles in it
and says the blessing
while she lights it
lights the candle
lights the fire
and will remember

1 Comment

  1. teaandscones says:

    Tradition. Through the ages. Generation to generation. Veneration and life.

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