Teeny tiny happy news


Awhile back, I wrote a little thing about comfort, family, and my favorite bread: Challah.

And it’s published in the current issue (11) of Remedy Quarterly, a beautiful, hand-crafted little magazine devoted to food, recipes, and memories.

I wrote something (non-technical) and someone else published it!


This hasn’t happened to me for a long, long time. To say I’m excited is a bit of an understatement.

By coincidence, the cool recipe and food community web site, Food52, published its Holiday Gift Guide last week, and Remedy Quarterly is on its list!

I know!


(Uh oh. I’m getting awfully close to writing my first “Squeeee!”)

My copy hasn’t arrived, so part of me still doesn’t believe it’s true. Right now, I’m trusting that photo above, taken by Remedy’s creator and designer, Kelly Carámbula. And I’m keeping my eye on the mailbox.

p.s. The magazine has printed my piece about Challah as well as the recipe. You can see just the recipe here, in an earlier blog post.

Update: I just found out that Saveur has included Remedy Quarterly in its list of 16 Great Indie Food Magazines!


  1. beth says:

    How absolutely FAH-BYOO_LUS!! Let’s here it for a homemade handmade holiday. I bet this would be a great gift for just about anybody. Who doesn’t love food, family and recipes. Challah-lujia, indeed!

  2. Ann L Cohen says:

    Way to go Rebecca

  3. Jo Knowles says:

    Hooray!!!! Love that waiting for something special in the mailbox feeling. Enjoy every minute! I’m so happy for you!!!!!

  4. Lovely! Congratulations, and thanks for letting us know about Remedy.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your kind words! I’m so excited… I can’t wait to see the other articles and recipes, too!

  6. andi & beth says:

    I’m so excited for you!

  7. Kelsey says:

    Congratulations, Rebecca! Also, this little publication looks like a lovely gift for some of my food-loving friends.

  8. Di says:

    How exciting! =)

  9. teaandscones says:

    Way to go, Rebecca.

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