52 Weeks ~ Family (49/52) and Fire (51/52)

I wanted to write about the great grandmother who bought the menorah (in Poland perhaps?) whose face I never knew about the grandmother who loved us with a wide heart and kept the menorah hidden among other silvery things in the china cabinet so we never saw it there about the mother who, when cleaning… Continue reading 52 Weeks ~ Family (49/52) and Fire (51/52)

52 Weeks ~ Winter (48/52)

Snow-flakes Out of the bosom of the Air,   Out of the cloud-folds of her garments shaken, Over the woodlands brown and bare,   Over the harvest-fields forsaken,    Silent, and soft, and slow    Descends the snow. Even as our cloudy fancies take   Suddenly shape in some divine expression, Even as the troubled heart doth make   In the… Continue reading 52 Weeks ~ Winter (48/52)

52 Weeks ~ Feeling Nostalgic (47/52)

In my memory, it's a Saturday, but it probably was a Wednesday or Thursday. Grandma would have cleaned the house earlier week, working alongside the hired house cleaner, Maria, to wash the floors, dust, vacuum, and clean every crevice of the kitchen and bathroom. Maria, who always wears a flower-print, sleeveless cotton dress that exposes… Continue reading 52 Weeks ~ Feeling Nostalgic (47/52)

52 Weeks ~ Symmetry (46/52)

I've been staring at this picture for a week, and I find I don't have anything to say about symmetry. Symmetry is complete unto itself, beautiful, self-explanatory, and nothing I can say would add clarity. Bridges, too, are beautiful, and perhaps I have more to say about those, but didn't I once before? (Not that… Continue reading 52 Weeks ~ Symmetry (46/52)

Paper or plastic? Fire or Ice?

I'm posting this today, in case none of us are here tomorrow. Fire and Ice Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To… Continue reading Paper or plastic? Fire or Ice?

Meeting darkness with sweetness

A few weeks ago, my friend Di invited me to join her annual, virtual holiday cookie exchange, and I enthusiastically agreed. Cookie exchanges aren't part of the Hanukkah tradition (at least not where I grew up), so it's one of those things I've looked enviously on from afar. This virtual version sounded like a great… Continue reading Meeting darkness with sweetness