52 Weeks ~ Vegetable (34/52)

RSiegel_Week34 - I Am Corn!

Sometimes, in the middle of all the world going haywire, you just have to sit back and giggle, and thank the stars that you have this girl, this silly, wonderful, heartful, kind, smart, gorgeous girl who knows how to make herself into an ear of corn, who knows how to hug you so tight your ribs nearly crack, who knows how to love you to the moon and back, more than more, more than most, more than toast.


  1. Such a great picture. =) I’m glad that she’s able to lift your spirits.

  2. Erin says:

    I love this! How did she make it? Now I’m intrigued. Is it a big printout? Now I just wish it was summer so I could eat fresh sugar and gold corn.

    1. Rebecca says:

      She used Picknik (now PicMonkey) to combine the two photos. Clever girl, growing up in the digital age 😉 (and I agree on wanting some fresh, local corn!)

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