What is Urinetown?

It’s a blast.

It’s a satirical musical.

It’s about politics, greedy corporations, and needy masses. It’s about the 99% and the 1%. It’s about sustainability and controlling scarce resources.


It’s very dark.


It’s very funny.


It’s got great dances and catchy songs, sideways glances and evil doings.



It’s a lot of work.

It’s 40+ students, from seventh graders to high school seniors.

It’s musicians, technical folk, stage hands, teachers, and community members.

It’s rehearsals every school day for nearly five months , plus some weekends and evenings.

It makes you cry, and laugh.

It’s very worth sitting through three showings in a row.

If it’s your first speaking and singing role in a full-length musical, I’d venture to guess it’s unforgettable.

Urinetown program, shirt, and poster

Note: This video is not from the Thetford Academy production, but is a great performance of one of our favorite songs in the show.

If you have the time and interest, you can see about 1400 photos taken on opening night by Dan Grossman, Thetford resident and photographer, here.


  1. Kayte says:

    I thought it was a play on the words…U R in Town…I deal with 9th graders who like to pull that “urine” bit all the time…lol. This musical sounds like fun and love the photos of H performing!!

    1. Rebecca says:

      You’re partly right. The corporation that controls access to the, um, amenities is called Urine Good Company 🙂

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