52 Weeks ~ Laughter (8/52)

A Girls' Weekend in Boston is full of unexpected laughs: :: The baker on the sign at Lyndell's bakery is cheerful in spite of the dreary weather. He lures you in with his slightly crazed laugh. "Come in! Come in! There are cupcakes inside....!" You really dare not refuse. Unless you don't want a cupcake.… Continue reading 52 Weeks ~ Laughter (8/52)

Recipe for a good Saturday morning

No morning alarm. Nowhere to be. An enticing book within reach of the bed. Sunshine drilling through the window onto my face. A husband willing to get up early to start the fires, feed the cats, hay the goats, and fetch the groceries. No homework. No planned chores. A long, complex, delicious-looking recipe printed out.… Continue reading Recipe for a good Saturday morning

If you want to sing out, sing out

70 songs seemed like plenty of room for all the great ones. Turns out, it's not nearly enough.* I started listing all the songs I loved -- songs from deep childhood, through teenagerhood, young-adulthood, adulthood, love, marriage, motherhood. I easily got to 100. Then M and I started to talk about his list. Dang! More… Continue reading If you want to sing out, sing out

Jewish Vegetarian Kishke

Kishke. There's nothing elegant or pretty about it. It's a homely dish of humble origins. Strictly peasant food, made from whatever was left over to throw into a bowl (meat or vegetables or both), combine with a filler (flour, barley, bread crumbs, or matzoh meal), color with paprika, and spice mildly with salt, pepper, and… Continue reading Jewish Vegetarian Kishke

52 Weeks ~ I left my heart in… (5/52)

LeCount Hollow Beach, Wellfleet, MA the pewter sky is darkening in the undefined time between the endless afternoon of buckets and spades, striped umbrellas, sandy potato chips and the offered evening, when we, freshly showered, will drive the well-worn route into town, step into our favorite restaurant order drinks, and review our options. in this… Continue reading 52 Weeks ~ I left my heart in… (5/52)