Your Monday morning Cute-o-Gram

Feeling Mondayish and grey?

Sleepy and having trouble starting the day?

Me, too.

Maybe these pictures of three-month-old Vizsla pup, Gabe, dropping in on Gryfe for a visit yesterday will perk us all up.

Gryfe and Gabe

At first, Gryfe and Gabe seemed a bit overwhelmed by each other, but that didn’t last long.

All the decent pictures I was able to take were while they were standing still, unsure.

Minutes later, they were mauling each other in frenzied dog happiness. All those pictures were a complete blurr.




Gabe is wondering what the heck I’m doing with that lickable block of plastic.

Gryfe asking Gabe to please play

Gryfe is asking if he can get a puppy.

Under the influence of visiting, sweet, soft, cinnamon Gabe, I was asking myself the same thing. Just for a second.

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  1. Kayte says:

    Ah…Gryfe needs a puppy. Both are adorable…love how they were checking each other out at first, so cute.

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