One step: 52 weeks


One little step to help me march through the year.

I’ve joined the LensProToGo 52 Week Photo Project where we’re given a photo assignment each week. This week’s assignment (due today) is to take a self portrait of yourself without you in it.


My first thought was, “What?! I have no idea what to take a picture of!”

My second thought was a picture of my disaster of an office. But that would just be too shocking as my first entry.

My third thought was a picture of scattered somethings (seeds? toys? thoughts?) on the floor, and I still sort of like that idea.

Then I saw my bedside stack of to-be-read books and figured if anything represents me, that would pretty much sum it up: a love of words, a pile too big to handle easily, and a selection too eclectic to describe in one sentence.

When I downloaded my photos from my camera, this photo was rotated by 90º, and I liked it. M and I discovered that if we flipped it over 180º, even though it’s still on its side, it didn’t look anywhere as interesting. Something about the words on the spines being oriented the “wrong way” (for those of us in North America, anyway, used to reading book spines from top to bottom) made it look as if the books were floating.

Well… I’m a beginner and this sort of serendipty made me smile. I’ll take that.

The Project participants are posting their pictures to the Project Flickr page by the Sunday of each week; go check it out; there are some really amazing photos there. I’ll try to post mine here each week, too.

Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left.


  1. Kayte says:

    Oh, this is exciting, I hope you do remember to post here each week as well as I will never get to both flickr and here in a week…would love to see all your photos. Am in love with this one, so thought provoking to orient the photo this way and I was thinking when I was looking at it that maybe I should try more often to orient my life this way to observe more, see things from different viewpoints, be less structured, feel the freedom of letting go with the given and expected always…etc. etc. etc….see all that your first photo unleashed in me already??? What fun this is going to be!

    1. Rebecca says:

      Thank you, Kayte! You’ve given me a big smile this morning!

  2. ashleycapes says:

    Very cool, Rebecca!

    1. Rebecca says:

      Thanks so much!

  3. Mary Kane says:

    What’s the book on the far left?

    1. Rebecca says:

      Grace Paley, “Begin Again”.

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