December 14, 1911, 90º S

Since November 1, while we've been going about our lives, working, eating, sleeping, writing, fighting, protesting, shopping, laughing, and singing, Scott and Amundsen marched south. And 100 years ago today, Amundsen and four other members of the Norwegian expedition became the first human beings to reach the South pole. They established a camp, named it… Continue reading December 14, 1911, 90º S

Italian Folktales ~ Day 13 (July 7, 2011), Venice

We woke to the sound of sweeping, and when we went out, we stepped into a sparkling city of alleyways, piazzas, and canals. The first thing on our agenda was to grab a quick breakfast (fruit, water, and bread) at the shop around the corner from our hotel, and then proceed to the Palazzo Ducale… Continue reading Italian Folktales ~ Day 13 (July 7, 2011), Venice

Italian Folktales ~ Day 12 (July 6, 2011), Maniago and Venice

If you want a sharp souvenir from Italy, go to Maniago. Metalworking has been an important industry in Maniago for much of the town's history, and the small collection of artisan blacksmiths and knife makers busy at work since the 1400s blossomed into a cooperative of factories in the early 20th century. Today, Maniago's main… Continue reading Italian Folktales ~ Day 12 (July 6, 2011), Maniago and Venice