Salem, MA has what every town ought to

A quirky, independent bookstore

with leaning stacks of books

of every genre, from new novels to classics to history, occult, children’s books, mysteries, cookbooks, drama, psychology, science fiction, photography—in piles stacked from the floor up to the ceiling,

on the verge of bursting out the windows.

Only wimpy bookstores need shelves.

or desk space for employees.

The only thing that counts is books, books, and more books. You can bet that the one you want will be somewhere about two-thirds of the way down the stack, but that’s part of the fun. The owners know how to extract books buried at the bottom, with a deft, quick flick. Sort of like a magician pulling the table cloth off a fully set table. Just another example of Salem magic.


  1. Kayte says:

    Some people’s heart will race when they see a new shoe when window shopping, or a new dress, or jewelry, or any number of other things. I just want you to know that my heart is racing…I would love love love to get lost in this store…everything else would cease to exist and you would need to call the fire department to remove me from the premises. Don’t ever take me there…lol.

    1. Rebecca says:

      I’m with you, Kayte.

  2. Patrick says:

    I walked by this place after-hours last weekend and spotted the owner either loading or unloading plastic bags of books from his car. I suspect his car is as full of books as his store, because the suspension was riding looooooooow.

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