How To Feed: NaBloPoMo Guest Blog #1

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new and exciting HOW TO FEED BY HYLA! This time we’ll be learning HOW TO FEED A WHITE TIGER!


Step 1. Dress up like an antelope.

Step 2. Get real close.

To Feed the Tiger

I wrote the note above and stuck it on my wall when we went away, so the very nice person taking care of our house could see it. It may have worked, since when we got back, Bastet (the tiger) was looking mighty pleased with herself. And a little full-looking, I might add.

Hope you’re having a great November 5,

Remember, remember
The fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason, and plot
Was Guy Fawkes a devil?
The Stuarts all saints?
Are we glad that they stopped him,
Or not?

Keep those bonfires a-burnin’!

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