Italian Folktales ~ Day 11 (July 5, 2011), Fanna, Maniago, Poffabro, and Frisanco

Visiting Fanna was like going home. After ten days of traveling, and the last four in the mountains, it was awfully nice to find a comfortable place to settle in for a couple of days, wash our clothes, do a little grocery shopping, and reorganize our luggage to put away the hiking gear we no… Continue reading Italian Folktales ~ Day 11 (July 5, 2011), Fanna, Maniago, Poffabro, and Frisanco

We interrupt your regularly scheduled posting…

I'm feeling under the weather and not up to writing the post I had in mind for today, but that's no reason why you shouldn't get a little entertainment (and, let's face it, there's no way I'm going to blow NaBloPoMo when I'm this close to the end). So, with that in mind, Ladies and… Continue reading We interrupt your regularly scheduled posting…

Italian Folktales ~ Day 10 (July 4, 2011), Fanes to Fiames to Fanna

Just above Fanes, the trail flattens, passes a turquoise blue lake, and then begins the long, sloping descent down the valley, back to Fiames. We left the bare, rocky summits behind us and, little by little, were enveloped by a forest of tall conifers, mysterious caves, and tumbling cascades. Although at least one in our… Continue reading Italian Folktales ~ Day 10 (July 4, 2011), Fanes to Fiames to Fanna

Sunday night recycling

Sunday night. The refrigerator is still semi-filled with Thanksgiving leftovers. Good as it all is, we can't quite bring ourselves to have yet another meal of it for dinner. Not tonight. Instead, we want something simple, but homey, and having nothing to do with turkey, mashed potatoes, or stuffing, or the various incarnations we have… Continue reading Sunday night recycling

Thanksgiving is all about traditions

It's that time of year again, when we gather with those we love for a long weekend of overeating, marathon dish washing sessions, playing board games, taking dogs on long walks, drinking margaritas, and revealing embarrassing secrets (usually after drinking the aforementioned margaritas). Last year's theme was guilty pleasure songs. This year, we're sharing our… Continue reading Thanksgiving is all about traditions

In gratitude

Relatives who travel from afar, through storms, just to see you. Cousins who build snow people and bears. Dogs who wrestle in the snow and pass out in front of the fire. Sisters who sing George Harrison songs while trimming Brussels sprouts. Brothers-in-law who send the world's best, buttery popcorn. Sisters-in-law who bake irresistible healthy… Continue reading In gratitude

Italian Folktales ~ Day 9 (July 3, 2011), Pederu to Fanes

On the morning of this third day of hiking, salvation came to Hyla in the form of a minivan. It's not that she wasn't willing to hike back up much of the elevation we had come down the day before; she just wasn't happy about it. After experiencing the pain of watching her misery during… Continue reading Italian Folktales ~ Day 9 (July 3, 2011), Pederu to Fanes