Tunbridge World’s Fair

The cold rain swept through yesterday and brought autumn with it, which means it's time for The Fair. The Tunbridge World's Fair, held annually since 1867, has everything you'd expect in a modern-day agricultural fair: a midway full of rides put together by people you hope had a good night's sleep the night before games… Continue reading Tunbridge World’s Fair

Friday favorite ~ Language of the Lens

Remember awhile back when I mentioned the idea of endorsements? I just realized I hadn't actually made any since then, so, as of today, I'm instituting a new weekly ritual, where I'll post about a favorite something here every Friday. Maybe it'll be something you like, too. Today's Friday Favorite is a collaborative blog called… Continue reading Friday favorite ~ Language of the Lens

The fruits of our Labor Day

One thing leads to another. A friend's daughter reads Orangette, where she recently saw a recipe for blueberry-oat scones. She made the scones for my friend. My friend sent me the recipe. How could I resist? Thinking about the blueberry scones made me think about things I could slather on them before shoving them into… Continue reading The fruits of our Labor Day