You know what today is, right?

This afternoon, Hyla and I are driving down to Western, MA to join some friends for the midnight showing of the final installment of the Harry Potter movies.

In honor of the event, we made t-shirts to wear to the show.

Hyla is a witty Ravenclaw.

Wit Beyond Measure

(“Wit Beyond Measure is Man’s Greatest Treasure. Which Makes you Pretty Skint, Witless.”)

She long ago informed me that I’m a Hufflepuff, and, after doing some research, I agree. Suits me to a “T”.

We're Hufflepuff and We're Proud

That sound you hear? That’s the sound of an almost 12-year-old girl literally vibrating with excitement. Seeing the last of 8 movies made from her favorite books, in 3D, with one of her best friends, and then staying overnight at a hotel that has a pool — can she get closer to kid heaven than that? Well, only if the cats could come along. (And her father, who really ought to be the accompanying parent, but for work and other practical reasons is staying home tonight.)

She’s got her robes, wand, and invisibility cloak packed. Books, bathing suit, change of clothes. Italy was grand and all, but for H, this trip is pure magic.

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