A few minutes in my brain

I feel a bit directionless today, bouncing from thought to thought. Restless. Easily distracted. So, I thought I'd share a few of the things that are ricocheting around in my head. Last lunch As I packed H's lunch today for the last day of "school camp" (one of her teachers has run a three-week camp… Continue reading A few minutes in my brain

Pie! Spanakopita and rhubarb crisp

I woke up feeling a bit giddy this morning. It's not just that it's Friday, or that the sun is shining and the temperature is perfect, though all of that could explain it easily enough. I think it was because I knew I'd get to spend the first part of my morning writing here, hanging… Continue reading Pie! Spanakopita and rhubarb crisp

If only that mouse knew how to use a pipe wrench

This past February was the 5-year anniversary of our moving back into the house, which, of course means that everything that was new and shiny five years ago is decaying and in need of repair. Once freshly-varnished doors are cracking, door handles are sticking, long-life light bulbs suddenly blink off one after the other, the… Continue reading If only that mouse knew how to use a pipe wrench

Saying goodbye to the little school on the hill

Open Fields School is a special little elementary school on the hill. It's as near to a one-room school house as you can find around here. Most years, the school's population comprises about 20 students -- kindergarten through sixth grade -- three teachers, and Woody, the school dog. Open Fields is a school that encourages… Continue reading Saying goodbye to the little school on the hill