Movin’ on up

Today, our sixth grader is participating in “Step Up” day.


In the middle of the day, she and the rest of the incoming 7th grade class (the class of 2017!) will be met on the town green by current 7th graders and their teachers and will walk as a group to the middle school for a couple hours of introductions, tours, and a free lunch at the cafeteria (this last part is particularly exciting). Later this afternoon, the newly minted middle schoolers will walk back to their elementary schools to finish out the day, course registration forms and booklets in their hands.

How the heck did this happen? When did she get old enough to go to SEVENTH grade? To have an important event take place WITHOUT her PARENTS? How are we going to make it through graduation next week without melting into a helpless puddle of tears and memories.

Where is the Pause button?

I know. This is just another point on the long arc of Letting Go’s. We have seen some before, and there will be more — and bigger — to come. Get used to it.

At least I know that while her parents are sitting at their desks this afternoon, wondering and worrying and waiting, she’ll be having a blast. Our Confident Rabbit.



  1. Kayte says:

    What a cutie! I know, I know…it happens. Matt graduates from high school today, May 26th, and I am in no way even going to pretend like I am going to get through it all without tears. Not even going to try in the least. I have no clue how we got this old this fast. Of course, I say that every time I look in the mirror as well…”what the heck happened here????” lol

    1. Rebecca says:

      Oh my! From High School! That’s a whole ‘nother level. I hope the day went great and remember that you are SUPPOSED to cry. That’s what parents do. 🙂

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