1. gaaarp says:

    Those are laid by Rhode Island Reds — on acid.

    1. Rebecca says:

      Ah, a fine old Heritage Breed!

      1. gaaarp says:

        aka “Grateful Reds”.

  2. Kayte says:

    Yes, I would like those as well.

    Here was the rest of my Message on Twitter, but you unfollowed so I could not send it. I wrote:

    I’m fine w U following, just didn’t want U2b2 frustrated by 50 tweets a day some days…lol. Seriously we are disturbed lot! Jump in anytime.

    And here’s additional info:
    I joined Twitter when I was in Whisk Wednesdays as we Whisk Chicks kept in touch that way, then it skyrocketed to like 1000 people and I decided to limit it to people who I cooked/baked with because I couldn’t keep up with everyone’s tweets and I was primarily interested in baking/cooking. So there is a group of us who cook/bake/Twitter and have a lot of fun with that. It seems more manageable to me to be able to do it that way. That said, I can see where it would be very frustrating to someone who was reading all our tweets as we are baking/cooking/planning, etc. so I like to tell people like that before they start using my name in vain. Literally…lol. Your blog looks interesting and fun!

    If you would like to join in baking/cooking with us ever, just jump in. I am in the sourdough section in BBA right now and having fits with it, 2 more to go and then I can move onto the rest of the book. Are you all the way through it or do you want to jump in and bake some bread?

    1. Rebecca says:

      Hi Kate! Thanks for your comment and info. I originally wanted to follow you precisely for the cooking/baking as I saw your name come up on many posts by others who cook and cake that I already follow and trade messages with.

      I completed the BBA a little over a year ago. What a wonderful experience! I learned a lot about baking bread, got some new favorite recipes, and gained a lot of virtual buddies who I’m still in touch with now.

      Good luck on the BBA challenge! Once you nail the sourdoughs, you’ll likely never turn back 🙂

  3. Kayte says:

    Thanks, Rebecca. I am following you, if you would like to send another request to follow me, I will accept it again, if you still want to do that at all. I don’t know how to do it another way. Totally incompetent on the internet, trust me on this. Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day in case you could not read my tweet wishing you such on Twitter! Oh, and wow and bowing to your completion of BBA. I am part of the Slow & Steady group…mostly slow right now…but goal is to finish it hopefully sooner rather than later.

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