New Years’ Bonus

This morning’s 6.20 am weather report announced that we would have 8 hours and 59 minutes of daylight today. That’s one more minute than we were granted yesterday. This is the kind of trend I can appreciate.

But what will I do with my bonus? One minute isn’t a lot. I really should save it, along with the new minutes coming daily from now until late June, and then splurge next November and make it sunny all night long for a few nights when things seem their deepest, darkest, and loneliest.

I’m not really great at saving, though. Besides, these extra minutes are highly perishable. Even if I try to save them, they’ll be moldy and dark by the time I go to retrieve them in a few months.

Best to use my minute while it’s fresh, I suppose. The question is — how? I know I shouldn’t just squander it while I browse the Internet. I could take an extra minute while doing barn chores to admire the view. I could sit by the window, on the sunny side of the house, and let the light bathe me while I take an extra minute to drink my tea. I could stare out the window at dusk and watch as the light fades, just so I can catch those extra 60 seconds fizzling on the horizon (oh, if only we could see sunsets from our eastern-exposure house). I could use that extra sip of sunshine to increase my dwindling vitamin D levels.

I could write about my minute here. And make it last.

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  1. kenelson says:

    you could use it to eat a spoonful of cajeta? otherwise known as a spoonful of heaven. so glad i’ve been at home to sample it.
    also, i just dug out the little quebecois french phrase book you all gave me to prepare for my imminent return to french canada. i’m working on perfecting my accent. now if only i can manage to not freeze…
    happy new year to you all!

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