The dog won’t leave the fireside. I had to call him three times to get him to go eat his breakfast.

I’m wearing a hat while I type. And if I owned a pair of fingerless gloves, you can bet I’d be wearing them now. They’re fashionable these days, right?

I’ve had this song running through my head all morning (the Gordon Lightfoot version, but I can’t find a video of him performing this song):

It’s going to be one of those days where I drink hot tea all day long, and not just for the caffeine. And the dog may lose his space in front of the fire. Then again, he’s warm and cuddly. Maybe we could share the dog bed?

Maybe I could jog around the living room? Haul water to the goats? Move a lot of firewood? Do something that requires intense precision and concentration, like diffusing a bomb? Purchase a ticket to Fiji?

Stay warm, everyone!

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