Let the lights shine

On this first night of Hanukkah, the weather is “cold blow and rainy,” but inside, we’ve built a protective barrier of warmth and brightness.

The fire in the small wood stove is burning merrily, keeping me company all day. The oven light is on while it busily bakes first a challah and then a lamb roast.

Soon, H and I will have the stove top burners glowing as we fry our first batch of potato latkes of the season.

And who can feel the darkness when there are silly songs like this one (a hilarious parody of the Taio Cruz song, “Dynamite”) to sing along to?

Later, as we sit down to dinner, we’ll light a single candle on each of our menorahs, and bask in that glow, too.

From our family to yours, Happy Hannukah to all, and to all a bright night!

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