Thankful Thursday: Willow and her sons

Two healthy bucklings, born between 8.30 and 9.30 am, the morning of July 21, 2010. Everyone’s doing well. For the moment, we’re referring to them as Primo and Secondo, while the great Battle To Name The Kids continues.


Primo again




You can see the whole flickr set here.


  1. misterrios says:

    Those are beautiful, um, kids. I really like the name Primo. Maybe you should keep it? also, your goat posts and tweets make me wish I could have some. Thanks.

    1. Rebecca says:

      Thank you! I liked Primo, too, but it didn’t stick. Primo is now Albus, named by our 10-year-old daughter.

  2. ap269 says:

    They are so beautiful! When we came back from vacation today my son was feeling sick, so we stopped so I could walk with him for a little bit. We passed a house with a big yard, actually, 2 big yards. One of the yards had chickens, the other one goats in it. I think, this is a SIGN! ;o)

    1. Rebecca says:

      DEFINITELY a sign!!

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