Friday in the park with Lolo

Last Friday, Hyla had the day off school and we wanted to do a road trip that involved meeting up with my sister, Lolo, somewhere halfway between our homes. The most logical halfway point seems to be Concord, NH, a place we have explored to its utmost in the last 10 years for this very reason and have found a bit wanting.

We’ve tried out all the cool restaurants, and visited the planetarium, and shopped along Main Street. Other times, in desperation, we’ve driven a bit further to Manchester, NH, to go to the mall (a real mall being a cool and unusual sight for those of us living in Vermont) and the pretty cool Currier Museum.

And still we continue to visit Concord, because it’s there, and it’s an easy drive for all of us, and it lets us see each other on a beautiful spring Friday. Sometimes that’s good enough.

But last Friday it was much better than good enough. We had a blast! We ate gooey, cheesy Mexican food for lunch, browsed Main Street shops, and met this sleepy doggy in the window:

Sleepy doggy in the window

We also picked up some cool new books at Gibson’s Bookstore, including a book of kitten photos paired with Shakespeare quotes (who, aside from Hyla, is the target audience for that book?), and this fun picture book we just couldn’t resist:

The Goat-Faced Girl - Cover

This is my favorite picture.

The Goat-Faced Girl - Baking

After our shopping, we drove to the nearby Les Clark Nature Trail and had a relaxing stroll through the forest and along the Merrimack river, where we saw many gorgeous dogs, “scary forests” and “fairy forests,” and speculated on how long we could survive in the woods if we had to.

Into the woods

By the Merrimack

It was a gorgeous, warm, spring day, in the company of some of my favorite people. How can I complain?

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