Morning snapshot

[Background info: Because he loves The Wiggles so and feels compelled to share their music with the world, whenever a Wiggles song comes on the iPod while Michael is in the car, he turns the volume up and opens the windows. Even mid winter. This infuriates Hyla.]

This morning, Michael went out to start the car while Hyla was still putting on her coat and gathering her school gear. When we opened the front door, we were met with the sound of The Wiggles, blasting through the open car windows.

I stood at the front door, watching the pantomime between Hyla and Michael, he beckoning her in to the car so he could take her to school, her waving frantically for him to TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN! Back and forth. Back and forth. Eventually, he turned down the volume enough so that she was willing to get in the car, but the windows were still open as they went up the driveway.

Another average morning here. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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