Reason #137 why we love the Internet, and don’t

This morning, Hyla woke up as a dugong, but by the time I picked her up from school, she was a kangaroo, complete with pouch.

Which got us to wondering, on the way to her violin lesson (picture that!): what sounds do kangaroos make? (Why we didn’t wonder about dugong sounds, I can’t explain.)

Luckily, in this day and age, you don’t have to wonder long about anything if you’re within striking distance of a computer on the Internet. When we got home from violin, I typed “kangaroo sounds” into the search engine and was promptly led to this page, where you can hear the darling little “clucks” that kangaroos make.

Internet, we love you.

Emboldened by this success, I typed in “giraffe sounds”. This time, all I found were a bunch of descriptions of giraffe sounds (everything from bleating and mewing to bellowing and coughing to snorting and hissing and “making strange flutelike sounds”) . Come on. Has no one yet bothered to record and post giraffe sounds to the Internet?

Internet, we may not love you as much as we thought we did.

Feeling wary but hopeful, I decided to give the Internet one more chance and searched for “dugong sounds”.

Internet, I think I love you again.

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