I would prefer to keep my tooth

From the very first time Hyla lost a tooth, she always insisted on keeping the tooth. No Tooth Fairy for her, even when she figured out (pretty much right away) that Tooth Fairy = Parent. So, she never once put a tooth under a pillow. Until last night.

Last night, after I had already gone to sleep, she finally got up the courage to pull out a tooth that had been hanging by a thread for weeks. And then (I’m told), she let Michael know about it, and she informed him that this particular tooth was fair game for the Tooth Fairy (wink, wink). And she put that tooth under her pillow.

Late that night, as Michael slipped the coins under her pillow, he found this note:


That’s our girl. She’s figured out she can have the money and the tooth. And she’s put it all in writing, At least she’s exceedingly polite about it.

Update: I failed to mention that she wrote that note while half asleep, and probably in near darkness, which is why the handwriting looks a bit funny.


  1. Chrysa says:

    That was hilarious…what a great kid.
    I’m so happy you’re back to the November daily updates – I really look forward to your observations on the world.
    A Really Big Fan (who can’t bake a loaf of bread to save her life)

    1. grongar says:

      Thank you. You’re so sweet. I’m glad you enjoy reading this. And I hope all is well with you and yours. One of these days you’d think we’d see each other!

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