How do you say “homework” in Latin?

Since returning to school from October break, Hyla’s Language Arts class has been studying Latin.

I’m all in favor of this because I never had any Latin education and I wish I had because now I know how useful it is. Michael’s all in favor of this because he took Latin in school and, as a result, his brain is at least three times bigger than mine. Best of all, Hyla seems to be all in favor of this and, last week, declared Latin to be “way more fun” than Spanish (which she had been taking since Kindergarten). It’s also lighter than English when weighed.


Although her school doesn’t believe in assigning homework to elementary school students, and, according to Hyla, frowns on kids even asking for homework, for some reason, she had a bit of Latin homework to do this weekend. She’s been assigned a Latin word and was asked to come up with as many English words as she can think of (without the aid of a dictionary of the Internet) that contain the Latin word as a root.

Her word is Porto, “I carry”.

Here’s her list, which she’ll hand in for evaluation tomorrow.


Can you think of others? Anything obviously missing? Anything on this list obviously not related to Porto?


  1. sal says:

    You listed the word “important”…and it made me think of “import” and “export.” Oh, and then there’s the ever popular Porta-Pot or Porta-John. (hee-hee 😉

    1. Rebecca says:

      D’oh! “Export” and “import” are great ones. Can’t believe we spaced on those….

      Porta-potty would crack up the 5th grade class, for sure!

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