DIY: Potions

This past week, Michael made the absolute coolest thing for Hyla.

While organizing the basement last week, Michael found a box of our old cork-stoppered, glass spice bottles and offered them to Hyla for “potion” making. Before we knew it, the kitchen counter was covered with little bottles filled with colored potions of all sorts, neatly labeled with post-it notes. Seems this little wizard was going to need a place to store all those vials, so Michael set to work in the basement and whipped up this little beauty.

Potions bench

Potions bench

Did you notice the little leather straps on either end of the top shelf meant for holding the wands? And the rack on the bottom shelf for filing recipe scrolls? And the neat row of prepared potions?

And, of course, the darling little black cauldron (yes, my friends, Dan & Whits does, indeed, carry everything)?


So, if you find yourself in need of some Polyjuice Potion, Felix Felicis, or Blood-Replenishing Potion, you know who to call.


  1. Cheesewench says:

    I’ve been checking out your blog for a little bit (yummy) but as soon as you said Dan & Whits I had to comment. Dan & Whits is the only place I know of for sure that honestly has everything I could possilbly needon a day to day basis. Living in Chicago now I have to go to a few stores to get what would have taken me 15 minutes at D&W. Man I miss VT.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for stopping by! I enjoy your blog as well. And I hear you re: D&Ws. I can’t understand how people can live without at D&Ws in their neighborhood. 🙂

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