Bread update

No, I haven’t been blogging, but I’ve still found time to keep on baking and taking pictures. Since my last visit here, I’ve made three more BBA Challenge breads:

  • English Muffins (hands down, the best English muffins I’ve ever tasted)
  • Foccacia (oh, dear – this might be the best, most delicious loaf I’ve ever made)
  • French Bread baguettes (good enough that all evidence of these was devoured within days)

I’d really like to spend some time writing about all of these breads, but I feel pressure to catch up on writing about other things in my life, so, for now, I’ll just refer you to the pictures and encourage you, if you’re in the mood to bake some bread this fall or winter, to try any of these recipes. The English muffins, in particular, are very easy to make and the results will blow you away. I’m positive.

And, in related bread news: our little group is in the news! Today’s edition of the Washington Post contains a very nice article about the BBA Challenge and other online baking/cooking communities. The article, written by Cheryl Tan (a fellow BBA Challenge baker), appears on the front page of today’s (9/2/09) Food section.

If you have a few extra minutes and are willing to sign up for a (free) seven-day trial subscription to the epaper version of the Post, you can see the article as it appears in print. This version includes a few small pictures at the top of the article that aren’t included in the online version of the article. And one of those pictures was provided by someone with the odd user name of “grongar”. 😉

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