A load off my mind

Remember way back when, when did that little house move/renovation project?

Back then, we were looking for ways to cut costs and one of the decisions we made was that we would do all the painting ourselves. We figured we could handle it and it would cut a good chunk out of the budget. We’ve done a lot of the interior and things look okay (though we just bought paint last month to finally do the stairs and my office). We also did one exterior coat, and paid someone to do the second coat on the second story, figuring I could easily complete the second coat near the bottom last summer.

Well… that didn’t happen. And it’s been hanging over my head all spring. I really enjoy the painting, but it turns out I don’t have as much free time in the summer as I was hoping I’d have, and it also turns out that my free days rarely coincide with the non-rainy days.

Front scraped for painting

We finally got smart this spring and hired someone a friend recommended. He’s great! He knows his stuff, and he’s fixing some of the things that the last (non-pro) painter didn’t do so well. And, best of all, he’s out there doing it right now, while I’m here doing the things I’d rather be doing. Check that one off the list!

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