1. sal says:

    How cool is that?
    I must tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying all your food talk & pix. Bread, pastries, rhubarb…
    Now if you could only embed some sort of scratch ‘n sniff.

  2. rebeccams says:

    🙂 I’ll be making a lot of bread. Bread ships easily. You’re first on my list….

    1. sal says:

      Woe is me. On my current diet, the only bread consumption allowed is the “fat free” variety. HOWEVER, I am prepared to do double-time at the gym to make up for sampling some of your wares. YUMMEE!

      1. grongar says:

        Hey, there’s no fat in most of these recipes (carbs yes, but…). Anyway, good for you for being careful, and I will send you only the leanest, meanest loaves.

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