We learned a new phrase yesterday: avulsion fracture. That’s what Hyla’s got, at the bottom of her otherwise perfect right fibula.


How it happened was this: she was learning a Medieval dance at school. She was standing still, on an even floor (well, about as even as they come in old houses in Vermont), and she took a step forward. Somehow, during all of that, her ankle torqued inward and she heard a “pop” and then felt pain. Her teachers got her off her feet, elevated the leg, and bandaged it.

When I picked her up from school, Hyla was walking on it. She told me what happened, but seemed to be doing ok. We ran after-school errands. She limped a bit, but didn’t complain until after she sat in the car for awhile and the ankle started to stiffen up. When we got home, we unwrapped the bandage and it was clear then that she was going to be off her feet at least until we could see the doctor on Monday.

The whole doctor experience was a model of efficiency. Truly. Our appointments were on time, we got into xray immediately, we got the results just minutes after we returned to the doctor’s office, and had an appointment for the orthopedist for just a few hours later. By the end of the day, she was diagnosed, treated, and happily clumping around in her Aircast.

Despite rumors to the contrary, yes, you can sign an Aircast, so off she went to school today, armed with a big Sharpie and the tale of her first broken bone to share with her friends.

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