It’s a rain forest in there

Hyla’s school has transformed itself (temporarily, I think) into a rain forest, just in time for the school’s annual Open House. Last Friday, I got an official, pre-curtain tour. Now you get one, too.

Hyla and her classmates were anxious to show everyone around:

Rainforest - getting the tour

The kids made several large trees out of cardboard, paper, duct tape, etc., and then everyone was encouraged to bring in toy versions of animals that you might find in a rain forest. In this habitat, we find several lemurs, a monkey, a frog, a bush baby, a rather large lizard, equally large scorpions and spiders, and a snake or two.

Rainforest - trees and animals

The next room is strung with “vines”, from which a frightening spider is dangling. Beyond the spider, you can see trees, and more trees, and more trees. The forest is limitless.

Rainforest - spider and vines

In this region, we also find shockingly large ants. I am told there was a proportionally sized anteater made to go with them, but he is missing. This is a somewhat terrifying thought. If he’s not in the school, where has he gone?

Rainforest - giant ants

Upstairs, we duck behind a torrential waterfall

Rainforest - waterfall

to find this previously undiscovered species, perching on a small bush:

Little creature

And around the corner, in the reading nook, we find this mighty jungle cat, snoozing on his favorite books:

Jaguar hiding in the reading nook

The rain forest will be on exhibit now through the next couple of weeks. Catch it if you’re in town.

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