Oh, Pook!

If I didn’t feel compelled to write a blog entry tonight because I’d committed to NaBloPoMo, you wouldn’t be seeing this. After a busy couple of days of cleaning, cooking, socializing, eating, reading, and having fun, I had a single margarita this evening and fell asleep on the couch while watching “Thoroughly Modern Millie” with my sister and Hyla. When I woke up at the end credits, Michael reminded me about the blog. As Mrs. Meers (from the film) would say, “Oh, Pook!”

We’re all in luck, then, that Michael and Gryfe had a walk in the November sunshine today and came back with some beautiful pictures. As these pictures and the last couple of days remind me, November isn’t all bad.


Meadow grass

Gryfe and ice

Moss log

Apples and sky

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