I’m looking at this site every day now. Sometimes several times a day. I’m getting tired of the same old look.

So I’m trying out a few new themes and layouts here and there. Redecorating. Cleaning out some old stuff. How about a new theme every day? No, I think not…

Step one

Long ago, we had a garden in a low part of our land, just beyond the deck at the old house location, where the land drops off and gets all scrubby. We fenced it in and had a pretty good-sized garden, but we abandoned it after just a couple of years because the plot was full of stinging nettle and other nasty spikey plants that made weeding a nasty chore.

We started a new garden on the tame lawn. Eventually, that garden was plowed under to make a runway for the house move. Meanwhile, the old garden grew over with scrub trees and bushes and brambles – sort of a mini version of the growth around Sleeping Beauty’s castle. We never even removed the old fence posts and wire. Maybe there are still carrots sleeping 100 years later in that old garden.

Old garden - north end

This morning we had a guy out to look at the spot and give us an estimate to clear it. This is the spot where the goats are going to go and we need to build a shed or a barn or some sort of shelter for next spring, but first we need a clear spot on which to put that shelter.

Clearing might happen as early as this weekend (weather permitting). We still don’t have a design for a shed and we probably won’t build anything until next spring, but I’m happy just to get to step one.

Actually, happy is an understatement.