Forvo is my new friend

In lieu of writing something of my own here today, let me point you to one of my favorite new sites: Forvo.

Forvo is a sort of Wikipedia of word pronunciation. You can listen to any of the contributed words for free. And anyone can sign up and contribute by pronouncing one of the listed words. Or, if you wonder how a word is pronounced, you can request that someone else pronounce it for you. When you click a word, you can see who is pronouncing the word and where they live (i.e. “Male from the United Kingdom”), and you can see a map of their location.

There’s some interesting stuff here, like Norwegian words pronounced by Spanish speakers. Or a single Portuguese word pronounced by a male from Brazil and a female from Portugal. Endless wandering fun.

I, of course, have requested the pronunciation of Cannelés Bordelais.

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