A serving of jitters all around

It was probably just too much excitement for me last night, but I’ve been jittery all day, especially this morning. Gryfe and a friend and I took a long walk down to the dam this morning and that got rid of a bunch of the extra energy so that I could work (and Gryfe, boy, he napped for hours), but it’s still hard to sit still and focus.

I’m sure much of it is residual adrenaline from last night, and some of it is probably the newly minted, “okay, now what” jitters that come when you get what you want and then you have to make something good come of it.

I keep trying to imagine what it’s like for Obama, after running hard for so long in this campaign, to make it to last night and then know that’s just the big breath before the real work to come. I guess his jitters are probably a little worse than mine.

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