November is a big fat NO.

As in Thomas Hood’s famous poem.

M keeps trying to convince me that it’s “Yesvember”, but I’m not buying it.

I wanted to wake up on this first Monday of the new month recharged from our fun weekend and bonus hour, ready to work and get a lot done.

Instead, I had a bad night’s sleep.

And our Internet connection was down all morning.

And work was frustrating (see “Internet connection”, above).

And the dog wants attention Attention ATTENTION.

RightThisMinuteThankYouVeryMuchCanWeGoForAWalkNow PLEASE?

No? Okay. How about NOW?

That’s the kind of day it’s been.

And since I’m forcing myself to write something here everyday, now you get to know about it, too. Doesn’t that make you feel lucky?

Ok, here’s an image to calm me (and you) down: Gryfe meeting his first goats about a week ago. Two Pygmies and a Nigerian Dwarf who were not as scared as I would have been as a goat meeting an excited puppy (who can slip through that fence, by the way):

Gryfe meets goats

I’m feeling a little bit better already.

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