Halloween happiness

We had a happy little Halloween here. Since it was on a Friday this year, my sister came up for a visit and so we all went trick-or-treating together.

Once again, Hyla seemed content to go with her posse of grownups and puppy, though one of these days she’s going to ask to go with friends. And one of these days, she’s going to ask to go ALONE with friends. Now, that’s a scary Halloween thought.

Halloween Singapura

Can you tell what breed of cat she’s dressed as? I’ll give you ONE guess.

Earlier in the week, we carved our pumpkins. For the first time, Hyla did the entire design and carving of her pumpkin on her own, with no assistance except for cutting the top off so she could get at the pumpkin guts. We listened to our scary sound effects CD, courtesy of Martha Stewart (no really; I’m not being sarcastic), and each carved so the others couldn’t see what we were doing. Then we took them out to the deck, turned them backwards, lit them, and then turned to reveal the


2008 Jack-o-Lanterns - M


2008 Jack-o-Lanterns - R

and the unbelievably ADORABLY askew! (please note scar/stiches on side of face – how cute is that??!)

2008 Jack-o-Lanterns - H

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