Sing we and chant it…

When I reread my last several posts, I get this feeling that only good things are happening in my life and that I’m always chipper and cheerful and creating new things. This isn’t the whole picture. I also have my down days. Maybe I just don’t write very much on those days. Like everyone else, I have days where nothing at all goes right, and sometimes terribly wrong (but that’s usually computer-related). I have sad days and useless days where I get nothing done and even the thought of writing seems overwhelming.

But I’ve been making a conscious decision over the past couple of months to really look for the good things and to really appreciate what I have. And to be creative. And to plan for the future even while I know we can’t count on the future. I think this is a reaction to the last several awful years, when our lives were focused on illness and loss and worry. That’s all part of a human life. We can’t escape it, but I’m grateful for this calm patch in our lives (even as others I love are in the midst of their own worries).

I heard this poem on The Writer’s Almanac this morning, and it fits my current frame of mind fairly well.

Sing we and chant it…

While love doth grant it.
Not long youth lasteth,
And old age hasteth.
Now is best leisure
To take our pleasure.

All things invite us
Now to delight us.
Hence, care, be packing!
No mirth be lacking!
Let spare no treasure
To live in pleasure.

“Sing we and chant it…” by Anonymous. Public Domain.

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