400 miles and lived to tell the tale

I could probably write a lot about what we did on Saturday, but I think this is a case of pictures telling more than words, and, besides, I’m still tired.

We headed south around 8am. Our first real stop (after gas and the bakery) was to visit these little guys, in Harvard, MA:

Hyla wants to stay


One little boy will be coming home with us in August. I would write more, but it’s hard to translate squeals of happiness into a coherent sentence. Let’s just say we’re kinda excited.

Next, we headed over to Ashburnham, MA, to visit some Nigerian Dwarf goats:

Kids in the doorway

Michael and kid

After that, we followed Route 2 all the way west, to North Adams, MA to visit the always fun Mass MoCA, where we had a little time to view the current exhibits:

HylaIn in the terrarium

Hyla and the tree

Grabbed a quick dinner at the cafe, and then caught Beth Orton in concert at the museum (the real reason for our visit to North Adams).

After that, it was just a 2-hour jaunt through foggy, twisting roads, over the mountains and up Route 91 until we were safely snug in our beds, a little after midnight that same night.


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