Thanks for the note

Sometimes Hyla likes to sleep somewhere other than her bed. Sometimes it’s the loveseat downstairs, sometimes it’s the guestroom, and sometimes it’s just the floor of her own room. The first few times she decided to sleep elsewhere (and these decisions always seem to be made after I’m already asleep), when I went to wake her in the morning, I was a bit confused (and, one time, very frightened) because I couldn’t find her.

Could she have wandered off in the night?? Is she locked in the bathroom?? Did I forget her somewhere the day before and not realize it until now?? Did aliens abduct her???


We all learned a few lessons from those episodes:

1. Mom doesn’t like to be surprised this way.
2. Mom has learned that sometimes Hyla won’t be sleeping in her own bed.
3. Hyla (and/or Dad) leaves a note on her bed to inform Mom where she is.

So, this is the note I found yesterday morning:

The note

And, sure enough:

Camping out/in

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