Well, for another 12 hours or so, at least. A lot has been going on this spring, mostly good stuff, in the yard. Digging and grading and dumping topsoil and grass sprouting and gardens finally started. Now I get to just sit back and relax and reap the harvest, right? Well.

I’ve uploaded a bunch of pictures of the yard and garden, so I’ll post some of those here later today, but first I wanted to just share this one picture, which tells a little bit about what Hyla and I did yesterday afternoon, because I want to preserve the delicious memory of finding the very best and reddest and juiciest strawberries in the field, and then sharing them right there, while we knelt in the straw because, you know, you just have to eat those things right then and there. Here are 2 of the 4 quarts that actually made it home:

Killdeer Farm Strawberries

The taste of summer on the last day of spring. How lucky can we get?

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