Not for lack of doing things

I know I haven’t posted in awhile. It’s not that there haven’t been things to post. It’s more that I’ve been too busy doing the things to sit down and write about them. Mind you, these aren’t big, exciting things. Just the mundane, ordinary things that make up a day, a week, a month. Ok, a couple big exciting things, like an incredible meal at L’Espalier in Boston, only two years late (more about this soon).

But I’ve just finished uploading several pictures I’ve taken in the past few weeks and will work at catching up in the next week or so.

For one thing, for anyone interested in how the whole “24 hours of flickr” project is going: my photo didn’t make it into the companion book, but I’m not at all surprised because only 122 pictures (out of 7492!) did, and many of those seven thousand odd photos are simply gorgeous. If you haven’t looked yet, take a browse. Book or no book, the whole day was exciting, and the act of participating made that very ordinary day memorable to me in a way that my ordinary weekend days usually aren’t.

In any case, the book will be available for order sometime next week. For each book purchased, Flickr will donate $1 to Médecins Sans Frontières.

Next photo session: 07_07_07, where around 7,000 of us will each post seven photos taken on 07/07/07.

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