Smoothing things out

It just wouldn’t feel right to end the year without seeing some heavy machinery one more time.

This week, we had a crew come in to finally fix the driveway, which was left in a rather pitiful state in the spring, and only got worse as the rains came — and came — and dug significant canyons in the gravel.

First, the little “Mustang” came and scraped down the existing driveway to level it off:

Mustang Scraping Old Driveway Level

Next was a delivery of dirt to refill one area that had nearly washed away in this summer’s rains:

Dumping Dirt

That was smoothed and packed down, and then came the loads of new gravel:

New Gravel

The little mustang scraper did a costume change, put on its roller attachment, and traveled up and down the driveway, packing the new gravel down:

Rolling Over the Gravel 2

And now we have the smoothest driveway in Vermont (until the spring rains, of course):

Finished Driveway

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