McKernon Returns

During the house move (more than a year ago!), one of the windows in the dining room broke. We couldn’t tell it was broken until after we moved in and tried to use it, and then discovered that if you opened it, the whole thing fell apart in your hands. We put it back together, with strict orders to ourselves and everyone else to NEVER TOUCH THE WINDOW.

So we had that on the list, plus two or three minor other little things, and yesterday McKernon returned for one last time to replace that window and finish the remaining items on the “punchlist”.

First, they removed the broken window:

The Old Dining Room Window Out

and then they installed this spiffy replacement:

The New  Dining Room Window

New Dining Room Window

The new window is the same style as the old windows in the house. That is, they don’t match all the new windows in the ell and kitchen, but it matches its sibling right next to it. More importantly, the “old” style of window is the kind that tilts in for cleaning, and since it’s a long drop on the outside of this window to the ground below, this type of window might actually get cleaned from time to time.

The new window was the biggest project, but the guys also finished a couple other important things, like replacing some broken clapboards beneath those two dining room windows, and filling in the last of the remaining holes that were made for stringing cables through the house for the move.

With a successful Thanksgiving behind (two bathrooms really do make a difference, my friends), and these last McKernon tasks complete, it’s starting to feel like we’re really home.

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