We haven’t been doing a lot of painting around here lately, but we have been buying and assembling furniture.

Last Tuesday evening (the day before Thanksgiving guests were to arrive), a new bookcase was delivered. It felt like Christmas eve, with the two of us hurridly assembling the bicycle… ahem… bookcase before bed time. Then Michael spent the rest of the night unboxing the books that have been stored away for more than a year.

Index Bookcase

The addition of this new bookcase makes it possible for us to have nearly every book we own out of boxes for the first time in our married life. (Well, we still have about four boxes of books to put out, but we’re pretty sure we can find four boxes of books to sell or donate…)

We had also planned for the Sofa Fairies to make a delivery just before Thanksgiving, but the delivery was delayed, and it worked out ok because it turned out we needed all the space in the ell living room for dining room tables for Thanksgiving dinner anyway. The sofa was due yesterday, so by Sunday night, we had its space ready:

Living Room Sofa Ready

And the Fairies appeared yesterday around 3:00 pm with this comfy nest:

New Sofa

Soon after, it was occupied by this little imp:

New Sofa with Kid

Somehow I don’t think she’s ever going to give up that corner.

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