I’ve blown it already

Here were are, only nine days into November, and I missed a day already. I didn’t forget to write anything yesterday, I was just lazy (or busy, or something like that). So, maybe I’m not cut out to be an everyday kind of blogger. Maybe I just don’t always have that much to say. Not every day, that is.

But here’s some news. Kitten #2 finally has a name. A name we think will stick: Hudson, after “Mr. Hudson” on “Upstairs, Downstairs” because he’s, well, always upstairs and downstairs. It suits him. Better than Purmort, Acorn, Amoeba, and the hundreds of other names we tried on him for size first.

So, Oyster and Hudson have taken over the house completely. It’s their place, and would we please just feed them and pet them and play with them and then leave them alone?

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