Is it November already?

My sister and I are in London, but I woke up this morning and first thing remembered my pledge to write a blog entry every day for this month. So, welcome to November!

We have been here for six days now. We’re beat. We get up every morning between 7 and 8 am, get dressed, consult the guide books, and set off for the Underground. And we don’t return to the flat again until 11:30 pm at the earliest. We walk all day long. London is large and there’s so much to see, and with a week to see it all, we’re pushing ourselves hard. And having a wonderful time.

Last night was spectacular. We went to see La boheme at the Royal Opera House. OP-U-LENT. The hall itself is gorgeous, and so is the addition which houses the box office and the “Floral Hall” – where opera lovers sip champagne and eat pre- and post-performance dinners. If you’re like us and don’t know about the dining options in advance, you do get to take advantage of the interval snacking, which works like this: when you arrive, you order from the bar what you like (food, drinks, etc.). In our case, two glasses of champagne. You select the interval during which you’d like to consume your purchase (there are two intervals in this opera), pay for your selection and they tell you which station to go to. At interval, you return to the Floral Hall, go to the station you were directed to, and there sit your two glasses of chilled champagne, with a little card with your name on it, so you’re sure it’s yours. Pick up the glasses, sip, and wonder what the poor people are doing tonight….

p.s. The opera itself, was pretty spectacular, too.

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