Happy New Year

The Jewish Year 5767 began last Friday night. Any way you look at it, it’s been quite a year. I’m quite happy to see it go, really, and ready to start again.

This weekend, we did some more interior painting and a lot of furniture rearranging and are, for the first time, feeling things coming together somewhat. The new (ell) living room is mostly without furniture now, but we have ideas about what we need to get or build.

The old living room (I suppose we could call it the “den”?) is a real room now, painted and furnished and much comfier for TV watching and napping by the fire:



We moved the small, writing desk from the office to the big window in the dining room (and moved the pine table previously in that spot to the entry hallway):


I’m thinking maybe we’ll put a lap top there for more convenient web browsing (right now, the only place we do this is in the office).

Outside, the lawn is mowed:


And you can see that we’ve stacked at least half of the final two cords of wood beside the house. The wood on this side is for the Morso (the little stove in the ell).

Oh, the “to-do” list is still there, but it’s gradually getting smaller. Some day, we might even be done. It’s good to start the new year with a purpose.

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