Painting update

I didn’t get a chance to post an update before we left for Canada, but we have made progress on the exterior painting. A friend of a friend gave us a great estimate for finishing the really scary parts of the house paint (base and trim), so we hired him!

Here’s one painter, sitting on the porch roof:


No thanks.

And here are the stunning results:


Now, I still need to do a second coat on all the parts I can reach, and a first and second coat on the trim I can reach, but this doesn’t scare me at all. In fact, I’m looking forward to it, even though, realistically, this might not happen until next spring.

Elsewhere on the property, Michael, Hyla and I (ok, mostly Michael), stacked the first two cords of wood:


And now, even though I don’t have a photo yet to prove it, a third cord is stacked, too. Two more to be delivered.

This year’s wood situation is a fun change for us. Previous years, we’ve had the wood delivered to the old trail (now part of our driveway) and Michael would stack it all there to season. Later in the year, he would haul it all, garden cart load by garden cart load to the front year, and then re-stack it all inside the ell. This year, we’re able to stack it all right near the house so it doesn’t require multiple haulings and stackings (probably not a word…). We don’t have a shelter for the wood this year, but plan to put a good week or two’s worth on the porch as we use it. Maybe we’ll build a wood shed next year?

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